Today's top tech stories from the US


Bringing you a selection of expensive,
shiny and potentially dangerous gadgets from the good old US of A.

Hatress’ 20GB shuffle DAPs (or iAudio M3
clones) + 5GB color screen unit (DAPReview): Let’s pray this is a case of
substance over style.

Grenade Camera (Gizmodo) Really don’t say “cheese”.

Wrap up crooks with the Shooting Net
(Engadget): A little early but a would make a great Halloween accessory.

This-does-it-all PMP thing: DigiFriends DF-100
(DAPReview): Looks interesting but you know we’ll never see it reach these

JVC VICTOR GY-HD100 HDV Camera (I4U): Not
one for the casual movie maker.

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