Sophos says consider buying a Mac


Security firm Sophos claims that threats to PCs with Microsoft Windows have increased so much that computer users should consider using a Mac. The statement comes after it found that the 10 most commonly found pieces of malicious software all targeted Windows machines, with none of the "malware" a threat to the Mac OS X operating system.

The advice from Sophos was given after it released a report, detailing the threats to computers so far in 2006. The report says that there has been a vast drop in malicious software like viruses and worms, but a sharp increase in the number of Trojans – 82% of new security threats this year were from these programs.

Despite Trojans dominating the list, the most widespread problem was the Sober-Z worm. The worm, which was spread by email, infected people’s computers and tried to turn off security settings. It replicated by looking for other email addresses on the computers’ hard drives. The worm infected computers running the Windows operating system, but was not designed to infect Apple Macs.

According to Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos: "It seems likely that Macs will continue to be the safer place for computer users for some time to come, [That is] something that home users may wish to consider if they’re deliberating about the next computer they should purchase."

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