LG adds coloured versions to its Chocolate Phone range

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  I’m guessing you’ve heard more than enough about LG’s stylish Chocolate Phone (also known as the KG 800) – but if you’re still in the dark about the fashionista’s favourite, check out our review.  But before you rush down to the shops to buy one, you may like to know that LG is introducing ‘premium’ Chocolate Phones before the end of the year – in white and pink.

We have managed to get hold of pictures of the new phone (see the pink one also after the turn), but the exact specifications of the new phones still aren’t clear. The company does, however, mention "unique design variations" and "enhanced technical specifications". They also say the new models will get a UK launch across Q3 and Q4 of 2006 – which could mean anytime from August, with the idea of making a number of Christmas lists.

There’s no doubting the success of the initial black model – with more than one million units globally in just eight weeks since early May, so it’s odds-on that brightly coloured models will fly off the shelves to those who want to stay one step ahead of the crowd.

As soon as we get the new spec and full release details, we’ll let you know.

LG website www.lge.com

Dave Walker
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