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Bluedelta has unveiled the Smart Eye, which lets you control your satellite receiver from any TV in the house. Combined with the company’s Smart Blaster product, the Smart Eye can also communicate with your DVD, Video, freeview – even your Hi-Fi if it’s near your satellite receiver. So if you’ve had a long day, you can carry your remotes upstairs and do your late night surfing or listening in bed.

Smart Blaster is equipped with high power IR emitters that "blast" any IR remote control signal that is received from the Smart Eye, allowing it to control any video equipment located near it be it your DVD player, VCR or PVR. The output signal is strong enough without the unit having to face the equipment – so no need for extra cables.

Bluedelta reckons their Smart Eye and Blaster kit is currently the only product on the market that can control equipment other then just Sky. It will work with any video equipment not just limiting itself to digital satellite. It can be used with both digital and analogue cable, digital terrestrial and video jukebox. It has ultra low power consumption, which means up to eight Smart Eyes and a Blaster can be connected to a satellite RF2 at any one time without requiring an additional power supply.

A Smart Eye device costs around £10, with the Blaster for sale around £25.

Bluedelta website

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