Logitech Harmony 885 – the lazy person's universal remote


Billed as the "ultimate lazy-boy gadget for the fanatical World Cup fan" (but not fanatical enough to go to Germany), the Logitech Harmony 885 Advanced Universal Remote is an all-in-one remote that lets you control all of your home cinema equipment – and indeed everything else – from one device.

The Harmony 885 lets you install and operate an entire entertainment system, while tracking the current state of up to 15 devices simultaneously. Simpler to set up – just add in the models you want to control from a selection of over 140,000 audio-visual devices from 2,500 manufacturers, using Logitech’s online interface, and the relevant infrared codes are automatically programmed into the remote.  Once set up you can control an entire entertainment system to perform specific activities at the touch of only one button.

The remote is optimised for HDTV and PVR systems and it comes with a colour LCD interface and a docking station – so no batteries to worry about.

This ease of control doesn’t come cheap though – the Harmony 885 retails for around £180.

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One thought on “Logitech Harmony 885 – the lazy person's universal remote

  • I bought my harmony 885 two months ago, I am already a sort of techie, I own several pcs in the house with a network (wifi) etc..
    Yet, I was not able to program the harmony up to my expectations.
    The setup is done through the logitech site which is awfully non user-friendly. I have tried three times to get this thing working properly but Alas nothing works. This has been one of most disappointing purchases I ever made.
    Forget what you hear in the reviews, it is extremely difficult to setup, the site is extremely difficult to walk through and even when you enter the appliance code, the remote still doesn’t recognize the buttons. I do not recommend anyone to buy it, in fact I will be selling mine.

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