Voice controlled TV remote


Talking to the telly isn’t healthy, but AgileTV’s new Promptu
voice activated TV remote will at least give you a legitimate reason to shout at your gogglebox, as it is a voice controlled remote control system. Unlike many earlier voice recognition systems, the Promptu
doesn’t require any programming or voice learning, you just pop in the
batteries and apparently it works.

Channels can be navigated to by simply saying
the name or there is an intelligent channel search function built in
so just tell it to "Watch Desperate Housewives" and it will check through until it
finds the ladies from Wisteria Lane. There are currently no indications
of price, and availability is limited to the Philadelphia region US,
but here’s hoping some enterprising UK website (Boys Stuff? Firebox?) delivers a version to the UK.

Promptu via I4U

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