Skype set to introduce first Wi-Fi phones for UK


Skype should take a step nearer real telephony during the latter part of this year, when it introduces the first Wi-Fi VoIP phones for net calling without the computer.

With Skype software pre-loaded, Skype Wi-Fi phones promise to be easy to use and give you the option of free/discounted  calls from open access points anywhere in the world – or just sat in your living room via your wireless connection. The models announced today are the Belkin Wi-Fi phone, Edge-Core Wi-Fi phone. Netgear Wi-Fi phone and the SMC Wi-Fi phone.

According to Skype, the user interface and functionality available on these new Wi-Fi phones is as familiar as using Skype on a computer – which means you’ll have the ability to take Skype Contacts with you and see who’s available to talk. The devices support common WiFi encryption protocols including WEP, WPA, and WPA2 with PSK support.

No confirmed date for sale or prices, but expect to see them very soon.

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