SanDisk introduces Skype U3-enabled smart drives


  We covered U3 drives some time back. Effectively, they’re standard smart drives with one added bonus – they can host applications you can move from PC to PC. Which sounds pretty much ideal for Skype, so it’s no surprise to see Sandisk introducing new Cruzer Micro and Cruzer Titanium U3 drives with pre-loaded Skype software.

Like other U3 drives, SanDisk’s Cruzer Micro and Cruzer Titanium are a portable way to carry files and programs without leaving any personal information behind on a computer. So with the Skype software, you can keep your Skype account complete with your contacts, settings and preferences on a device that is smaller than a pack of chewing gum and make calls (and video calls where applicable) from any PC. The new drives will display the Skype logo on the packaging and will feature a free month of Skype voicemail for mobile users to get messages from their Skype calls even when they’re on the move.

Prices vary depending on the size of drive – which range from 512MB to 4GB – but start from around £22 for the Cruzer Micro drives and around £40 for the Cruzer Titanium. Please note that U3 is not supported by Macs.

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