Zaptag: the USB memory stick on a wristband that could save your life


Here’s a great use of technology: the humble wristband meets USB memory stick to create the Zaptag.

It can be used to store vital medical information and other important documents such as passport scans and financial details. The owner can choose how much can be made public – the rest can be encrypted securely so that it’s safe from prying eyes.

It’s been aimed particularly at those involved in extreme sports and activities, though it could prove useful to anyone, particularly those with a complicated medical history where, in case of emergency, quick access may be a life-saver. All a medic needs to do is insert the USB drive into any USB-equipped PC to get name, age and next of kin details of the wearer, plus any other information that has been made public.

It has a 256Mb capacity, is water resistant, and has a clear plastic
cap to protect it from damage. It comes with software for Windows which
allows documents to be transferred and encrypted. It also comes with a
wallet card which can alert medical staff to its presence if the wearer
is unconscious.

Zaptag Managing Director, Ian Gallifant, is keen to highlight the life
saving benefit of having medical records easily accessible in
emergencies. He says "with the continued advancement of new
technologies coupled with the everyday reliance on computers in our
lives, everyone can now benefit from quick access to personal medical
records should the need arise."

The Zaptag is 55.7mm long, 19mm wide and 7.8mm thick, and weighs 11.5g.
It costs £39.99 from the Zaptag website and selected stockists.

Do you like this idea? Would you wear one?

Andy Merrett
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