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Depending on your age, you may or may not recall hovering over the pause button when the chart rundown was on, waiting to record your favourite tracks without missing a second – or accidentally reocrding a voiceover from the DJ of the day. In truth, things haven’t changed much – we still want free music, only now, we want it from the internet radio stations. Which is where RadioTracker 2 Platinum comes in handy.

RadioTracker 2 Platinum allows you to cut tracks from a choice of over 13,000 international internet radio stations to your PC’s hard drive, along with the option of creating mobile ringtones from your favourite tunes. According to makers Avanquest, it’s all legal – but you’ll have to make your own mind up on that one. You can select from 77 genres of music – RadioTracker 2 will then record all the tracks from stations broadcasting that type of genre in MP3 format including ID-3 tags and if available, lyrics and album covers. 

And going back to that tape recording from days of old, the software will remove annoying radio jingles and ads, fading between tracks, as well as ensuring that they are recorded at the same volume.

If all that sounds appealing, you can pick up RadioTracker 2 Platinum now for around £20.

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One thought on “RadioTracker 2 Platinum – download tracks from internet radio to MP3

  • I found out about Radiotracker from this article and all I can say is Radiotracker is really amazing!
    Especially with the version Radiotracker 3, which now gives you some kind of wishlist. You just enter the desired song and Radiotracker finds it and records it.
    Now I can get all the music I WANT from free internet radio stations, with just a few clicks 🙂

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