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We covered the Skull Candy Proletariat NC 635 noise cancelling headphones yesterday, which are certainly worth considering if you want to keep outside noise to a minimum. But if you’re on a budget and don’t want the added functionality of the Proletariat unit, the Fatman FatFones might be for you.

The Fatman FatFones use technology first developed by audiologists for the in-ear monitoring of musicians and Formula One drivers. The earpieces are designed to fit your ears anatomically correctly – this means that they effectively block out background noise such as planes, trains and traffic, delivering the sound closer to your eardrum. What does all this mean? You get a clear sound without outside distraction and at lower volumes – which reduces the risk of damaged hearing.

The fit also means they’re comfortable and snug, so you can use them during sports activity, without the risk of them falling out (but be warned – in terms of safety, this might not be a great idea if you lose track of background noise whilst out jogging).

The Fatman Fatfones are available now, priced at around £30.

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