Pick up a pair of Star Trek binoculars


Why would you need a pair of binoculars in space? Unless someone in the props department took the word "ship" too literally or the crew beamed down for a spot of alien spotting, I can’t think of a valid reason why Star Trek binoculars should exist. But they do – and they’re for sale, spotted by those ever-watchful folk over at Bayraider.

They’re not from the original Star Trek, but from series six of latter-day offshoot Deep Space 9 and are being sold by sold by Jolie, who claims to be a "starving writer/photographer/proofreader/editor/personal assistant" who’s living in LA, but can’t afford to buy food. She can afford an internet connection though and is offering them for a starting bid of $1,500.

Fancy them? Find out more about these and the best of the rest of eBay’s quirkiest auctions over at Bayraider.

Dave Walker
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