Cyberman Voice Changer Helmet – become a Doctor Who villain


If you want to cash in with TV-related merchandising, timing is everything. Unfortunately this Cyberman Voice Changer Helmet is about two weeks too late to coincide with the last Doctor Who episode (which featured these long-time Who villains). Still – if you’re a fan of the good Doctor, you are sure to get hours of fun out of this.

Stick the Cyberman Voice Changer Helmet on your head and amaze your friends with the voice changing sound and strange light effects. There’s essentially three modes for use – the Phrase button throws out "classic" Cyber-lines (like "you will be deleted"), the Stun button lets loose the crackle of the deadly electrical stun grip, while the most fun will undoubtedly be the Voice button – where your own phrases are converted into that of the Cybermen, with accompanying flashing blue mouth.

Ideal for taking along to a fancy dress party, paired with a grey boiler suit, you can pick the helmet up for around £30 from the usual toy outlets.

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