Yeah, but, no but Vicky Pollard arrives


‘Yeah, but no, but yeah, but… You see, me and the other Little Britain dolls are all going on sale this week. Yeah but don’t believe it. Cos Britney told me it and she’s a slapper and she hasn’t got her own doll. Loser! and yeah but we go on sale via Boys Stuff. And if you tickle our tumbs, you slag, then it is like we say really interesting things, but yeah. Like we are having a laugh. And if you like you can do what Melanie did cos she swapped her baby Darius for a Lou and Andy doll and they threw in a Westlife CD. Which is a terrible. Cos Westlife are rubbish and besides everyone knows you can only get pregnant by sitting on the toilet seat in the boys… Anyway Shaddup cos I never done nuthin’ nor nuthin’ and anyone says I did is well gonna get beatens.’

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