Motorola and Virgin Mobile launch iTunes ROKR phone

Mobile phones

Bored of hearing about the iTunes phone yet? Well even if you are sick of the hype surrounding the Motorola ROKR E1 it seems that the great British phone industry can’t get enough of it. Motorola had its big launch shindig for the phone today enlisting the aid of Mylo – who, if I was down with the kids rather than listening to nothing but Brian Jonestown Massacre CDs, I’d know is one of the UK’s leading new dance acts.

Meanwhile Virgin Mobile has been giving details about its ROKR launch claiming that it’ll be ready for the punters on September 26th, presumably a week after it goes on sale via O2 which has a week long exclusive on the handset. Virgin Mobile is charging £189 for the phone which seems roughly what the other networks are suggesting it will go for on pre-pay tariffs. Orange, the surprise network to take the phone, hasn’t said a great deal about the handset but you can presume it will be available via that network sometime in October.

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