Bush's mini Freeview decoder


Tomorrow’s papers are likely to full of stuff about digital TV as government Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell is delivering  a big speech tonight outlining how unless we go digital with a few years (the switch off starts in 2008) all we’ll see are blank screens.

Tessa is quite possibly very excited then about the arrival of the first plug and play Scart Freeview digital terrestrial decoder that apparently is no larger than a pack of cards. Simply connect the Bush Idaptor to your telly’s Scart socket, stick the infra red sensor on top of your set (for controlling the unit) and you are away. It not only delivers those 30 or so Freveiew channels, it also boasts a seven day on screen electronic programming guide. Expect it to retail for around £50.

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  • hi i am thinking about buying a bush idaptor can anyone tell me if it works of a simple portable tv areial or will i need to have another fitted to the roof

  • Does anyone know if it takes up a SCART socket, or can it be used as a “through” adaptor?

  • saw one of these at my mates house the other day, brilliant little things. absolutely tiny, worked perfectly and even came with a battery for the remote

  • “How can this be connected to a vcr so that programs can be recorded”.

    I would guess by pluging it into AV1/2 SCART on the VCR/DVD recorder. Set your VCR/DVD timer to record channel AV1/2.

    Can the 7-day EPG be used to programme a recording time AND channel?

  • I have bought one of the Bush freeview mini decoders but I don’t know how to set it up with my video recorder. The instruction manual doesn’t tell you how, it just says it’s possible. Can you help please?

  • Thinking of buying a Bush freeview mini decoder. How can this be connected to a vcr so that programs can be recorded. Then if it works add a dvd. Can this be done. If not it’s not worth buying. Can you advise. thanks.

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