Doctor Who talking pen


I’m guessing you’ve already got bored of the Little Britain pen we mentioned the other week, so why not "amuse" your friends with this Doctor Who talking pen, available just as the second series featuring the tenth Doctor, David Tennant, is about to go on air.

You’ve got two designs to choose from – the Dalek or TARDIS version – just click the top to activate the sounds and hear phrases including "Seek, Locate, Annihilate", or "Exterminate" from the Dalek pen, or go for the sounds of the Doctor’s famous time machine itself, from the sleek blue TARDIS version.  Both pens play the Doctor Who theme tune as well.

I’d have preferred a "Doctor" pen myself – just imagine having a pen full of "grumpy old man" comments from William Hartnell or Tom Baker offering aliens jelly babies at your fingertips. One for the future maybe?

You can pick the Doctor Who pens up for around £7 from stores including Woolworths, John Lewis, Toys R Us, Debenhams and WHSmith and online from the Gadget Shop.

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