Authentic introduces world's first projection screen with sound

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Who needs speakers? They’ve also been a necessity when projecting onto a screen, but the ASS-60AK Speaker Screen from Authentic does away with that, producing sound directly from the screen itself. 

Although the Speaker Screen looks pretty much like any other, Authentic claims it offers "a larger, more dynamic audio visual experience", thanks to a woven fabric which is able to produce high frequencies – frequencies most other fabrics would absorb. SoundVu technology from NXT enables the projection screen to become a loudspeaker by "exciting" (their word) the surface. Vibrations are undetectable to the naked eye so image quality is preserved while producing a high quality sound.

Ideal for anyone that wants to create the effect of a commercial cinema on a smaller scale – and indeed anyone who wants to roll up and pack away their cinema when it’s not required. And certainly useful if you want to give a presentation with sound from a laptop. It’s available later this month in Japan (and likely here later in the year), priced at ¥59,800 (around £285). 

More on the technology from the NXT website

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