Apple to introduce metal iPods?

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According to AppleInsider, the next generation of iPod nano could be getting an external makeover, with an aluminium case – last seen on the iPod mini – strongly rumoured.

Apple is experimenting with an aluminium anodised casing in an effort to reduce the player’s susceptibility to scratching. The new cases are not dissimilar to those used in the company’s iPod mini players, replacing the ultra-thin polycarbonate-coated nano casing which has been under attack ever since its introduction, with users complaining that the front surface of their players easily became scratched or marred during ordinary use. Lawsuits have also been filed against Apple as a result of the scratches.

The new casings are expected to feature colour variations similar to those used with the iPod mini. Apart from this change, the new nanos are expected to look very similar to the existing iPod nano, but with an increased capacity of up to 8GB.

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