T-Mobile offers Push Email on MDA devices

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  T-Mobile is offering a business-friendly Microsoft Push Email service on its range of MDA devices, including the MDA Pro, MDA Vario and MDA Compact II.

The Microsoft Push Email service from T-Mobile, which works over GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi, will be available to customers using Microsoft Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2. Users will be automatically alerted for access to incoming email, which will be delivered directly from the customer’s Exchange Server as and when they arrive. Other security benefits of the new service include centrally controlled password protection – so that users have to unlock their device using a password, local data wipe – which enables you to decide how many incorrect logon attempts are permitted and remote wipe – which means that lost or stolen devices can be reset remotely over the web, removing company-sensitive data.

It’s available to use via any of T-Mobile’s data tariffs. For full details of the service and pricing, visit the T-Mobile website.


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Dave Walker
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