T-Mobile to launch 3G broadband in August


We wait for months for one compant to launch 3G broadband – then two come. Yesterday it was Vodafone and now T-Mobile has announced a service to go live in August.

T-Mobile’s high-speed download service will go live in the UK on August 1st, covering all key urban areas and public facilities. Initially, the technology will provide download speeds of up to 1.8Mbps, though T-Mobile admits real-world speeds are more likely to be around 1Mbps. The potential maximum will rise to 3.6Mbps in 2007, the company said, then to 7.2Mbps, 10Mbps in 2008/2009 and an impressive 20Mbps by 2011.

The service will operate through T-Mobile’s Web’n’Walk data tariff, at a cost of £17 per month "introductory" rate. New customers will get a free HSDPA-compatible data card if they’re willing to commit to a long term contract. Anyone with a T-Mobile HSDPA-ready 3G data card will be able to use the service from the start of August.

T-Mobile website

Via The Register

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