BenQ-Siemens announces first HSDPA mobile to market

Mobile phones

Having taken over Siemens and produced some rather nice looking mobiles, BenQ is really starting to warm up with three more releases. The EF91 (pictured) is going to be the first HSDPA mobile phone to reach the market.
This is a miracle in itself, since Siemens was well-known for taking
its own sweet time to respond to new technologies. T-Mobile and
Vodafone have apparently already agreed to take it.

The S81 is one of the slimmest 3G phones around at 13mm, while
the EF51 is music-focused mobile with a music player control pad that flips down to reveal the normal keypad.

The clamshell EF91 comes with an impressive 3.2-megapixel camera.
262K resolution screen, MicroSD card slot, MP3 player and Bluetooth.
It’ll be out this summer in a variety of colours.

candy bar S81 3G phone has support for Bluetooth, MP3 music playback
(and AAC+ and WMA), 1.3 megapixel camera on the back and VGA camera on
the front for video calling and a MicroSD slot which bumps up the 30MB
internal memory. It’ll be out in black and silver in the second quarter
of this year.

the EF51 has a high res, 262K colour screen, FM radio support for MP3,
WMA, AAC and AAC+ formats and something called Speech-to-Music which
means you can tell your phone which song you want it to play. It will
also display the lyrics of your chosen tunes on the screen.

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