3GSM 2006: BenQ-Siemens EF51 music phone

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The first batch of jointly-branded BenQ-Siemens mobiles showed real promise, the new EF51 music phone shows that they’re not afraid to produce something slightly off-the-wall either.

Rather than a phone with music capability, it’s described as "a music device with an integrated mobile phone". From the outside, it does look like portable musuic player, with large keys for music functionality located below the 1.6-inch TFT color display. The EF51 features an FM radio and media player for MP3, WMA, AAC and AAC+ formats, plus you can record from radio to MP3. Best of all, it’s got a voice-activated search function for your favourite tracks! Once downside is that storage seems to rely on SD cards, so don’t expect a huge capacity.

Oh yes – and it’s a fully featured phone with 1.3MP camera with all the keys hidden under the exterior flap. The EF51 will be available in both black and white in the second quarter of 2006, no price has yet been confirmed.

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