Walkie Talkie Watches


Is your mobile phone bill going through the roof? Well, if most of your calls happen to be to the one person – and they live fairly locally – these Walkie Talkie Watches could pay for themselves in a matter of weeks.

They’ve been tested at the highest level – the Norwegian Olympic team used them for communicating during last year’s Winter Olympics, so if they worked in those conditions, they should be ok for across the street. As a watch, they feature an LCD backlit display, along with stopwatch and alarm function. As a means of communicating, they have a 3km range, 8 selectable channels and 38 sub codes for best reception, five call tones, voice activation (for hands-free use) and you don’t need a licence to communicate – all "calls" are free.

The antenna retracts when not in use – so everyone will just think it’s a big chunky watch. The rechargeable lithium battery offers around 40 hours of standby power and 2 hours of continuous talk time.

You can pick up a pair if the Walkie Talkie Watches now for around £60.

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Dave Walker
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