FlashMic – the world's first digital recording microphone


Ever fancied yourself thrusting a microphone into a celebrity’s face, asking the incisive questions that’ll get you in the tabloids the morning after? You should take a look at the FlashMic – claimed to be the world’s first digital recording microphone.

The FlashMic combines a high quality microphone capsule with a 1GB flash recorder built into the microphone body, which means FlashMic-equipped journalists and interviewers are always ready to record with just a single button press. Recordings can then be transferred quickly to a computer for editing via the FlashMic’s USB interface. It’s ready to record straight out of the box or can be pre-configured for more sophisticated operation and file naming protocols using the included software.

The FlashMic weighs in at just 366g (excluding batteries) – the two AA batteries that power it should give you up to eight hours use. You’ll have to be serious about your journalistic intentions to buy one though – they’re priced around £820.

FlashMic website

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Dave Walker
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