Sony's LocationFree TV sees a £150 price drop


Fancied one of Sony’s LocationFree TV devices but put off by the hefty £350 price tag? Despair no more – the company has adjusted it’s pricing by £150, marking it down to somewhere between £200 and £230.

It seems to be a response to the recently-launched Slingbox, which covers similar ground in giving you TV wherever you are in the world. However, LocationFree does have the edge in features – it can connect to your PC for worldwide transmission wirelessly and it can be used by a number of external receivers simultaneously. The Slingbox is limited to just one. And of course, you can use LocationFree with your Sony PSP.

The Slingbox retails for around £179. With Sony’s gadget as low as £200, it’s now a tough one to call for consumers.

Sony’s LocationFree TV site

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