Review: MediaMan HVX-3500


There’s nothing complicated about the MediaMan HVX-3500 – it’s really just and external hard disk holder with some basic software, a sleek outer shell and some connectors stuck on. But this simpler is usually better and this gadget could make a world of difference to your home entertainment setup. It is equipped with an absolutely enormous number of different outputs to suit the most diverse home cinema system, plus you can choose from a variety of disk sizes of just use an ordinary 3.5″ IDE drive if you want which should take the pressure off your PC when storing media files.

It is compatible with virtually every media format we’ve ever heard, with the exception of WMV and M4A which isn’t so good for iTunes users. However, we reckon a very simple firmware upgrade could fix that, no problem. Check out the full review over at GadgetCentre and you can also be in with the chance of winning a 40GB version in their new compo.

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