Smarten up with the Brain Trainer


Staring at the TV watching Big Brother or killing time in a dead end job – it’s doing nothing to stop that gradual deterioration of your brain. So how about giving your brain a workout with the Brain Trainer?

Already huge in Japan, this "scientifically proven" gadget from acknowledged brain expert Dr. Ryuta Kawashima has been designed to train the brain through a series of simple mathematical drills, with several modes to keep you on your toes.

Basic Training Mode involves solving 100 easy sums. Once you’ve got to grips with that you can move on to Advanced Training Mode, wghich includes a timed counting out loud test, a focus test in which you must add random numbers that briefly appear on screen and a memory test where you have to recall sequences of numbers. You even get to monitor your brain’s progress over 30 days or a whole year through a series of graphs.

If you need a bit of intellectual stimulation, you can pick it up the Brain Trainer for around £30.

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  • Haha, great find, we certainly need more of these around. Loved so much, i had to post it over at ThisNext – and we will be launching out beta next week, and would love to invite you to come share your expertise through reviews and reccomendations to promote more intelligent consumption.

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