Motorola's Dolce & Gabbana-styled RAZR V3i now on sale

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Previously featured on Tech Digest, this gold-coloured version of Motorola’s RAZR V3i clamshell handset, co-branded by Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, is surely the must-have for the chav (or chavette) in your life. And now they can have one, as it’s available from today.

Apart from the D&G logo and the gold colour scheme, the phone’s just your standard V3i (not even the slightly upgraded iTunes-friendly V3im), which means a quad-band phone with video-capture capable 1.23-megapixel camera and Bluetooth.

But prospective purchasers aren’t going to be buying for the technology, it’s all about the look. And to go with it, you can pick up some D&G-themed and gold-colouredstereo headphones and an "eel skin" carrying case. Nice. These are available to purchase separately – the only extras you get with the phone are a D&G logo pendant, pre-loaded MP3 ringtones and matching screen themes.

Available from today at selected Dolce & Gabbana stores and all major Motorola stockists – but with no price confirmed as yet, enter at your peril.

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