Google can sync your settings over multiple computers


I’ve not found use for most of Google’s recent products (3D design, calendar, spreadsheet, website creation tool etc etc), but this new tool to maintain browser settings in sync across multiple computers actually does sound like something that would be a big help to me.

Google Browser Sync is a free plug-in for the Firefox browser that continuously synchronises bookmarks, history, persistent cookies and saved passwords across different machines. Settings are stored on Google’s servers and are encrypted to prevent unauthorised access.

Initially, it will cause a slight slowdown, as Firefox needs to contact the server when loading up. But Google are apparently working on a solution to this. And inevitably some people will be concerned about Google having access to that amount of personal information. But if you can live with these things, it might save you a lot of time and stress online if you move regularly between machines.

It’s available now for Firefox version 1.5 and later.

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