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Not content with hosting your email, your website, your videos, your searches, your blogs and probably 10 other things I can’t recall right now, Google has launched a free online calendar service, that lets you store appointments, receive reminders and share schedules with others.

Google Calendar is part of its expansion into new areas, pitting the search giant in direct competition against Yahoo. Yahoo has offered a calendar service since 1998 and is currently hosts the most popular calendar service in the US. In response to Google’s announcement, Yahoo said it would release updates to its calendar service in coming months.

Google’s calendar integrates with Gmail and uses so-called "natural language processing technology" to simplify how events are added. It means that people can type an entry like "lunch on Sunday 12pm" and the software will automatically add it to the calendar.

At the moment, the calendar works best with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Firefox. In the coming months, Google aims to make it synchronise with Outlook and mobile devices.

Google calendar

Via The BBC

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