Google angry over Microsoft's IE7 search


As you’d probably expect, the search box featured on Microsoft’s new IE7 browser is powered by Microsoft – and Google isn’t very happy about it.

In fact, Google’s so angry over the new search box, that the company has now made informal complaints to competition authorities in Europe and the US about the default settings, claiming it is limiting choice.

The latest Microsoft browser includes a small window so users can search without opening up a specific page. The default setting sends users to MSN for searches – just as equivalent features in Opera and Firefox send browsers to Google.

Microsoft and Google both have research "proving" that users can, or cannot, easily reset default settings on IE7. After voicing its concerns to Microsoft, Google has taken its concerns to the US Justice Department and the European Commission. Expect lawyers from both camps to be rubbing their hands with glee.

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One thought on “Google angry over Microsoft's IE7 search

  • I installed ie7 and it defaultedto Google. Don;t no where it got the seeting from, but I had to search for more search engies to get MSN.

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