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Hello, fellow tech-freaks! I’ve been ordered by the Shiny powers-that-be to spread the love between my usual post as Star Trip blogger, (where you can read trashy daily goss concerning our favourite Hollywood airheads hotties) to our techfabulous Tech Digest. Here’s hoping I’ll grow back some of the brain-cells I’ve lost writing about skag-happy Pete Doherty, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and…Helena Bonham Carter?

Let’s kick off our new weekly round-up of digital music exclusives…After the jump. (I know, I know, such a bitch…) [Katherine Hannaford]

Apple iTunes is offering an exclusive sneak-peek at the Arctic Monkeys’ new EP ‘Who the f*** are Arctic Monkeys?’ which isn’t released until May 9th. – Only $4.95, arctic-licious!

Preorder the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ new album ‘Stadium Arcadium’ at Apple iTunes and you’ll receive single ‘Dani California’ instantly, for free! – Strangely sexy Steve Jobs is loosening the apple-white purse-strings.

Apple iTunes are offering exclusive Imogen Heap tracks, meanwhile I ask ‘who?!’ – I don’t live under a rock, honest, but it’s so hard to keep track of all these musical twiglets.

Warchild music have released an exclusive demo of the Editors’ ‘Someone Says’ ahead of their debut album launch later this year – Get in the goodbooks of the NME-friendly darlings and download the stunner, it’s mighty good.

More next Monday, till then, ciao!

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