Stop snoring with magnets


I don’t snore – well, no one has told me I do, but apparently 15 million Brits do and it causes no end of troubled relationships. How do you stop it? Well, a company called Magnetic Therapy claims their Snore Free gadget will put an end to the nightly noise.

The company cites clinical studies showing that when tiny magnets are implanted into the nose, the repelling action of the magnets keeps the airways open. Which is how the Snore Free works. It’s a small plastic ring fitted with two rare earth magnets, which is attached to the nose during sleep. The Snore Free apparently "magnetically stimulates the sensory nerves of the nose", which opens the nasal passage and prevents snoring.

I’m naturally sceptical and to be honest, still not convinced it does actually work. But it’s only £7, so if you’re desperate, it might be worth making yourself look slightly ridiculous in your nose ring to keep the peace in the bedroom.

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One thought on “Stop snoring with magnets

  • hi. the same thing is available in poundland for £1. they do work. they cut down the noise level by atleast 90 percent.
    works for us

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