Zakang Kiss – the lovers' MP3 player

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Once a token of love was a big box of chocs, some flowers or maybe some perfume. Not so anymore, ladies love gadgets (as our friends at Shiny Shiny prove), so what could be better than this luv’d up MP3 player – the Zakang Kiss.

Heart-shaped and with the single word "Kiss" on the top, it’s a trinket that will show you care. And I imagine that the 23 featured crystals cut by Swarovski might show it just that little bit more.

It’s available in both 128MB and 1GB models, with your favourite love songs downloaded via USB. There’s also three changeable cases included – silver, white and red. Unfortunately, we’ve not been able to work out the price, but I’d guess it’s a little more than a box of Milk Tray.

Zakang Kiss product page

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