Shiny's World Cup single


Well the World Cup is only two months away and already the Shiny Media crew’s heads are full of penalty shoot-outs and South American super stars with questionable barnets. In fact today is a huge today for us as it marks the first time we talk about the official Shiny World Cup anthem That’s England Alright.

It is a reworking of that top eighties tune That’s Living Alright which made it as high as number three in 1984. This time we are convinced it is going to go at least two better and see off the official FA entry from those dour northern indie mongrels Embrace.

The song is the brainchild of our ace design agency 300 Million and has the backing of our brand new Football World Cup blog Who ate all the Bratwurst? Anyhow you can hear the song as well as listen to an exclusive podcast with the man behind the song Joe Fagin, here.

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