Timex Trail Runner Bodylink System


Gone are the days when a watch was simply about the time and date. These days the technology is up there with any of your mobile devices, n example of which is this Trail Runner Bodylink System from Timex.

Ok, it’s not strictly a watch, the Trail Runner is a complete system for the sporty amongst you – like having your own coach. It includes the watch, a heart rate monitor, GSM unit and a data strap to download all your readings to a PC for later analysis. It’s also the first of its kind to offer an accurate review of your navigation, along with speed, distance and heart rate performance data at the end of each individual workout.

Enhanced GPS functionality allows you to pinpoint your exact geographical location at any time. In addition to this, the improved Heart Rate Monitor, with 8 target zones, ensures that you are always training in the correct "zone". And for motivation, the predictive finish time mode means you’ll always have a time to beat.

The Data Recorder registers all the information from your kit, which can be downloaded to your PC via USB to chart your progress and maximise your workouts.

The entire system is available now for around £200.

Timex website

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