Oono Mini DAB radio


There’s nothing groundbreaking about a new portable DAB player, but it’s less common to see one that also throws in an MP3 player and voice recorder, like this Mini DAB from Oono.

Looking uncannily like an iPod, the Mini DAB weighs just 95g and is less than 100mm tall. Inside this miniature casing is a radio with both DAB and FM reception. If you get tired of the radio, there’s the MP3 player, with music storage on the 128MB internal memory or via SD cards, which can boost the storage to 2GB. There’s even a small speaker built in if you want to share your music – I wouldn’t expect too much from that though.

The Mini DAB also features one-touch or timer recording to record from DAB or FM radio direct to internal or external memory and there’s a built-in microphone if you want to turn your player into a voice recorder. All recordings are direct to MP3 – in fact, you can even plug it into an external audio source to convert to MP3.

All sounds promising. You can find out just how good it is in June this year, when it goes on sale for around £180.

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Dave Walker
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