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Strange as it may seem there are some people who just don’t like Microsoft, and we hasten to add that Propellerhead is not one of them. MS products and their funny little ways have kept us in gainful employment for many years… 

Anyway, for those few dissidents out there who are happy to put up with Windows but draw the line at stuffing their PC with any more MS software, have a look at the TheOpenCD.

It’s a collection of high quality free Open Source programs that run under Windows, including a good few BootLog favourites

There’s MS compatible office suites and word processors (OpenOffice, AbiWord), design and layout (Gimp, Tux Paint), multimedia (Audacity, Celestia), web, email and network (Firefox, Thunderbird, TightVNC) plus a good selection of games and utilities. They’re all free and ready to download and burn onto CD, but if don’t fancy that you can also buy a ready-made copy.  Don’t forget there’s Top Tips a-plenty for you to try over on the BootLog website at

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One thought on “Bypassing Bill – Ms Alternatives

  • Although it’s not exclusively open source (some freeware is included), the Software for Starving Students (SSS) project is also very good.

    * Disclaimer: I’m a volunteer for SSS.

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