Return of the robot dog


Here at Tech Digest, we were both saddened and confused by Sony’s decision to give their robot dog, Aibo, the chop. And especially with robot dogs becoming all the rage again with the return of Doctor Who’s K9. Not to worry, those clever Koreans have brought the robot dog back to life.

Sadly it isn’t Aibo, but a new mutt on the block by Korean robotics company Dasatech known as Genibo. Looking a bit bulkier than Sony’s dog, Genibo is one up on traditional dogs because it understands 100 words – rather than just "walkies" and "lead". The company claims the commands include "come here", "sit", "wag your tail" and rather strangely, "do a headstand". Additionally, petting Genibo or giving it a ball gives your dog a "happy expression".

Genibo is being developed for the consumer market, but as yet, there’s no indication of a price or date for sale. We’ll let you know more when we have it. Just try stopping us.

Dasatech website

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