The death of Sony's robot dog


According to a report on the Register, Sony has killed off its Aibo robodog. The poor pooch is one of many victims of Sony’s attempt to get back into profitability.

The demise looks to be a slow one – while the development of new models of the mechanical mutt has now ended, Sony is still producing the Aibo until March 31st, so there’s still time to pick up what is bound to be a good object for the Antiques Roadshow in 40 years time – if you have the £1500 or so spare right now.

And the end isn’t final. Aibo’s spirit will live on, as the technology used will be "deployed in a broad range of consumer electronics products" according to Sony.

Via The Register

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  • A rob dog is not a good idea. Afterall pets are for fulfilling an emotional need. A robo dog at best can be a plaything for a few days for the kids.


  • Bring back Aibo robodog.and you wonder why ur PS3 arnt selling…you messed up by stopping the Aibo..end of story.

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