Games consoles just a fad?


Call me tight careful, but when I shell out a couple of hundred quid on an item, I make sure I get good value out of it. According to a new survey, over £2.5 billion-worth of gadgets have been slung into cupboards across Britain after just one month of use – with games consoles high up the list. looked at the cost per use (CPU) during their first year of ownership for 30 everyday items.  It found that while your classic "use once" items such as fondue sets and ice-cream makers still top the "fad list", games consoles come in fifth – just after the foot spa!

At the other end of the spectrum, DAB radios were found to have the best "product mileage" in the first year of ownership, closely followed by iPods and MP3 players.

Top 10 "Faddy items" and their CPU:

Ice Cream Maker – a drop of 59% / CPU of £19.48
Fondue Set – a drop in use after the first month of 69% / CPU of £5.52
Exercise Bike – a drop of 42% / CPU of £4.56
Foot Spa – a drop of 51% / CPU of £1.75
Games Console – a drop of 51% / CPU of £1.17
Back Massager – a drop of 47%/ CPU of 85p
Toasted Sandwich Maker – a drop of 44% / CPU of 83p
GameBoy – a drop of 49% / CPU of 59p
Electric Fan – a drop of 48% / CPU of 33p
Keep Fit Video – a drop of 53% / CPU of 24p

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  • if the cpu for a console costing nearly £300 is £1,17, wouldn’t that mean its being used something like 250 days of the year? hardly a fad then…

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