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Do you feel that the current content available to download for your PSP is a little downmarket for your tastes? Well, help is at hand as London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) takes culture to the masses by offering a 10-minute arts bulletin to all users of the Sony console.

The ICA’s artistic director Ekow Eshun said it was "putting art and culture directly in people’s hands". Each show, available to download from, is divided into four segments – features, film, music and design. The next instalment, available in a fortnight’s time, will feature the comic-book film V for Vendetta, the animator Rex, emerging New York band Battles (pictured) and the recent fantasy film Mirrormask.

Sarah Weir, executive director of Arts Council England, said the partnership with Sony’s PSP format would allow the ICA "to develop a new and lasting relationship with a community of visually aware young opinion formers". Whether these opinion formers will be interested in downloading the ICA’s bulletin instead of a music video, Hollywood trailer or a games demo remains to be seen.

Via The BBC

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