WiFi MAX for the PSP


The WiFi MAX from Datel – a device that allows you to connect your PSP to the net wirelessly via an internet enabled PC has now gone on sale in the UK.

The MAX is apparently easy to set up. You install the software, place the dongle in a USB port and detect the connection on your PSP. In addition to getting you online, it also offers high speed wireless access for your PSP from any internet enabled PC, along with the ability to connect multiple consoles and other W-iFi devices including laptops and PDAs. The package includes a desktop stand to allow you to position your PSP for optimum performance and Max Media Server Software for wireless transfer of media files between PC and PSP, converting video files into MPEG-4 format and to organise your music, movies and games in proper PSP folders.

Up to five local PSP users can be supported on one internet enabled PC. It’s available now for around £30.

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Dave Walker
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  • my psp does not want to pick up my ip address can anyone help me help help help help??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    shpuld i bring it back

  • lokks like I’ll av to send it back and get me wireless router. How much should you spend for a gooden????

  • Looks like a nice adapter for those who don’t want to shell out money for a wireless router.

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