Griffin launches iTrip for Sony PSP


Griffin’s iTrip for the iPod is arguably the best (and probably bestselling) accessory for Apple’s iPod, so it’s hardly surprising that they’ve used similar technology to create an iTrip for Sony’s PSP.

Admittedly, the PSP isn’t primarily a music jukebox, so the advantages of an iTrip for a PSP are slightly different. Yes, you can play your music through your car’s stereo, but you can also bypass the PSP’s pretty average speaker system and play the sound of your movies and games wirelessly through your car stereo or a home stereo system, adding a new dimension to your gaming and viewing.

The iTrip for PSP has been released in the US with a $50 price tag. As the technology is still illegal over in the UK, expect it to sneak in until ancient laws on radio transmissions are changed – which should be very soon.

Via Uncrate

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