Memorex goes retro with storage devices


At first glance, what do you think the picture on your left shows? A long forgotten data storage format from the 70s? A Sellotape dispenser? Well no, it’s actually the latest portable storage device from Memorexthe FlashDisc.

Memorex describe it as the world’s first shareable, flash based USB storage media – a high-capacity alternative to the floppy diskette and a low cost alternative to personal USB flash drives. With flash drives hurtling down in price, it would have to be very, very cheap to live up to that promise.

On a more positive note, the USB-compatible FlashDisc is still an easy way to share data between any PC or Mac with a USB port.  At 2.3 inches in diameter and 0.3 inches high, the FlashDisc’s thin, round design is durable and portable like a floppy diskette, but with 10x the capacity. Each FlashDisc can store up to 400 text documents, 10 presentations, 40 digital photos, or 15 minutes of music. And of course, it has the looks to stand out from the crowd.

We’re still awaiting a UK price from Memorex. In the US, a three-pack of the discs retails from around $20.

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Dave Walker
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