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I don’t know about you, but I find there’s nothing more annoying than a fellow train traveller pointlessly rambling on beside you down their mobile while you attempt to relax in your seat with a few choice tunes to ease you through the journey. It might be time to look at some noise cancelling headphones – like this new range from Sony, which claim to reduce background sound and deliver crystal clear audio, without the need to bump up the volume.

The MDR-NC50 headphones (pictured) are Sony’s top of the range offering reducing ambient sound by around 14dB and cleaning up 4/5 of the background noise. They’re easy to carry about too, with a slim swivel-folding design and should be comfortable with an adjustable double head-band. And of, for some bizarre reason, you want some3 background noise, you can turn it back on at the flick of a switch.

The MDR-NC6 (pictured left) noise-cancelling headphones reduce ambient noise by approximately 10 dB. Apparently created with the PSP in mind, when the noise-cancelling circuit is powered, up to 68% of background sound is cleared allowing you to stay immersed in your game wherever you are.

The MDR-NC11s are Sony’s only noise-cancelling earbud style headphones. Available in both white and black, they are supplied with three different sizes of earpiece, to ensure a good fit in all ears and maximise the reduction of unwanted noise. They come with a noise-cancelling On/Off switch and a volume control on the battery box and are equipped with 9mm driver units.

They should be available in the near future, though as yet, we haven’t got UK prices.

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