The Jellephish mood lamp


Are you the kind of person whose mood changes from hour to hour? Well, maybe you should change your diet, take a break – or pick up the Jellephish mood lamp.

This contemporary lamp uses RGB LED technology, allowing an almost infinite palette of colours which you can control to suit your mood. A remote control unit allows easy switching between the four preset modes of the mood lamp. You have the choice of the same (static) colour, a scrolling of a selection of colours, changing of colour in time with your music or ‘pearlescant’ – a cool white light, with hints of red, green and blue to give a pearlescent effect.

Mains powered with a battery-powered remote control, Jellephish mood lamp is available soon from Firebox for around £80.

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One thought on “The Jellephish mood lamp

  • I have written a review of the Jellephish at
    Snippet of review…The Jellephish is infact a masterpiece, still largely unknown in the gadget world, which is why you want to get one first. Even the reviewers haven’t reviewed it yet!!! The Jellephish is a spectacular dome shaped mood lamp, smooth to the touch, standing elegantly morphing through the set moods, no amount of superlatives really does The Jellephish

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