First internet phone with on-screen email


At this year’s CES, a number of new VoIP devices and developments were on show, including wireless phones that could handle both home and internet calls. The new RTX wireless internet telephone claims it can do that – and some.

The LAN Cordless Dualphone from RTX combines a standard phone connection, internet telephony and storage for web content. The base station is connected both to the conventional telephone system and to the broadband link, allowing calls from both channels. In addition, it provides on-screen information such as the latest news, email, weather forecasts, traffic queues or sports results in real time on a brilliant color display. However, the company points out that availability is dependent on the services provided by the carrier concerned – so I wouldn’t set your sights too high.

The phone itself has 64K colour display and operates to a range of 300m, with 8 hours talk time and 240 hours standby. No price as yet, but the official launch of the phone is the forthcoming CeBIT trade fair – so expect more then.

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Dave Walker
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