Vonage goes wireless


We told you about this back in May, but now it’s become reality. Leading VoIP company Vonage will be launching their Wi-Fi phone in the UK. The device will enable broadband telephone calls over home and office wireless networks.

It is designed for use on open wireless networks, though secured home and office networks can be easily set up to recognise automatically when the device is in range. The big selling point is the ease of use – no other equipment is necessary and the phone contains all the software needed for connecting calls over broadband. Turning an internet phone into a cordless phone has got to be a good move commercially.

The Wi-Fi phone will be available from February 2006 for £99.99. A subscription to Vonage currently costs £9.99 per month for unlimited calls to landlines in the UK and Ireland, along with reduced rates to mobiles and international lines. If you are a heavy phone user, it might be worth a look.

You can find out more by visiting www.vonage.co.uk.

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Dave Walker
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